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Dissertations from the ARC - Autism Research Centre Research regarding attitudes toward individuals with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), particularly the attitudes of adults and adolescents is notably lacking within the research literature. Dissertations from the ARC. Stephanie Mok 2015 Social Fear Learning in Oxytocin Receptor Knockout Mice and People with Autism Spectrum Conditions. Sophia Xiang Sun 2012 Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Conditions in China. Meng-Chuan Lai 2011 How is Sex Related to Autism? Donielle N. Johnson 2011

Everyday social functioning in people with autism spectrum. Previous research would suggest that adults with ASD have very poor outcomes in later life, particularly in areas of employment and relationships. AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER. A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by. Giulia Bellesi. Department of Experimental Psychology.

Parents' responses to their child's diagnosis of Autism. Research surrounding attitudes suggests that attitudes have an impact on behaviour, highlighting the need to establish the attitudes that society currently hold toward ASD. Parents' responses to their child's diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. University of Southampton, School of Psychology, Doctoral Thesis, 146pp.

Open Research Online However, there are inconsistencies within the literature regarding implicit and explicit attitudes toward ASD. The thesis makes no claims over the authenticity of autism as a thing outside of dis course. Historically and contemporarily, autism is viewed as a neurodevelopmental disorder but, like many mental health issues, there is a growing awareness that the construct and the practices

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